Modular Cold Storage

Also known as Reefers, our Modular Cold Storage hold temperatures from -20 degrees to 70 degrees fahrenheit. Our standard model units consist of 20' and 40’ length options. Customization is offered to complex units together to construct a larger Modular Cold Storage Facility(MCSF). Our MCSF’s are delivered turnkey equipped with HVAC, Electrical, & Plumbing.

Standard 20’ Specifications:

External Dimensions: 20’x8’x8’6” (LxWxH)

Internal Dimensions: 19’x7’8”x7’10” (LxWxH)

Weight: 6,796 lbs.

Temperature: -20°F to 70°F

Standard 40’ Specifications:

External Dimensions: 40’x8’x8’6” (LxWxH)

Internal Dimensions: 39’3”x7’8”x7’10” (LxWxH)

Weight: 9,882 lbs.

Temperature: -20°F to 70°F