Indoor Shooting Ranges

At GTI Fabrication we design, engineer, fabricate, and install both permanent and relocatable modular shooting ranges. Our shooting ranges consist of, but are not limited to, shooting stalls, target retrieval systems, engineered filtration and ventilation systems, bullet traps, baffles, master control systems, etc.

Our ranges are designed, engineered, and fabricated with safety for both the shooter and the environment. All air being exhausted from our ranges is filtered by HEPA filtration, ensuring no harmful particulates are being discharged into the outdoors. Constant ventilation ensures for all lead and other particulates to be pulled down range away from the shooter, allowing for a safe and comfortable experience.

Delivered turnkey, our ranges utilize prefabricated construction methods to cut lengthy construction timelines and costs. All of our ranges are fabricated in-house at our 120,000 sf ISO 9001:2015 certified fabrication facility located in Buffalo, NY.