ISO & CSC Testing

GTI provides professional services that include compliance with ISO 668, 1496, 1161, & 6346 Standards, and CSC or Convention of Safe Containers Certification. GTI’s facility is a certified ABS and Lloyd's Register ISO container production facility.

GTI’s Process

GTI will work with the customer in two ways. If the customer brings an already existing design, GTI will do a design review to assure that the design of the existing container is safe, and structurally sound. If the customer has a concept and not a design or engineered package, GTI’s professional engineers can take that concept and put together a fully designed and engineered package for review.

GTI works closely with Lloyd’s Register and ABS for all CSC and ISO certification needs.

Through both in-house and 3rd party testing GTI can perform the following physical tests:

  • Stacking
  • Lifting from the four top corner fittings
  • Lifting from the four bottom corner fittings
  • Restraint (Longitudinal)
  • Strength of end walls
  • Strength of side walls
  • Strength of the roof
  • Floor Strength
  • Transverse Racking
  • Longitudinal Racking
  • Lifting from fork-lift pockets
  • Shoring Slots (where fitted)
  • Weatherproof Verification
  • Other Practical Tests Requirements